Specializing in Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park, all of my handcrafted jewelry is made locally for people who love this island as much as I do.

I have lived, worked, and mothered in Bar Harbor since 1994 which is approximately the time when I began using resin as a medium. Growing up here on the coast of Maine, I had many experiences with marine fiberglass epoxy having done some boat repairs and (modest building) but failed to see it’s power as an art medium until much later. It’s super fun.   Art Deco style “glass” is next.

Most of the maps that I use in my “location” based jewelry come from my husband’s collection of historic Mount Desert Island path maps and my grandfather’s old nautical charts.

I use recycled paper, epoxy resin, sterling silver, zinc, antiqued bronze, and the occasional cracker crumb (a product of multitasking).


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